About Us

About us

GAUSN - GAUSPORTS NUTRITION Engineering motto - STRENGTH.POWER.PERFORMANCE. Our products are sourced mainly from the UK and we are one of the only commercialised nutritional supplement companies that are able to give you MEASURABLE RESULTS. The sporting industry has grown and is continuing grow with continues investment in to sports science and research. At GAUSN we pride ourselves on quality and 'what's on the tin, is in the tin' products'. Our products and reaching further into science, and one's psychological and physiological control which inevitable delivers measurable results - result that make a difference. Prior to realising a product we give out samples and when these samples are tested it must reach a minimum 95% positive feedback and at least a measurable result above 20% We offer sponsorship programs to athletes that are active and have either won or been in top 10 for national competitions. We also offer a bespoke product service were we can manufacture your own product if you cant find something that suites you. Please enquire: sales@gausportsnutrition.com

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Proteins, Fat Burners, Pre workouts, BCAA, Non Stimulant Weght Loss, Bespoke Supplements, Isolates, Vegetarian Capsules, Chairty support, event support, development programs, and Mass gainers